December 2020

  • Can the mouthwash replace the toothpaste? What is the correct method of using mousse mouthewash?

    Mouthwash is a kind of oral care product that many people like to use, especially when tooth brushing is not convenient. Washing your mouth with mouthwash can not only clean your mouth but also make your breath fresher. But the idea that replacing tooth brushing with mouthwash is wrong, tooth…
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  • The usage of toothpaste you don't know, small toothpaste with big applications

    The toothpaste is must-have for most people to clean their mouth in their daily life. Besides brushing your teeth, toothpaste can bring great convenience to your life. Actually, there are many other functions for toothpaste, then come and learn them. Used for a long time, electric irons will get burnt…
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  • Zhongshan Domy: Passionate To Offer Best Laundry Detergents

    Supermarket shelves are full of all kinds of laundry detergents. So, which one will you buy? Maybe you will buy the one with strong cleaning power, or the one with your favorite smell, or you will buy the functional one.   There are so many choices in the market. Zhongshan…
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    There are many mouthwashes are available for selection, so sorting out which is best for you may be a little difficult. DOMY focus on research and development of mouthwash for dental health. We studied specific functions, such as active and inactive composition, and taste, etc. How to choose a mouthwash? There are two…
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    When you are going to buy toothpaste, you will have a lot of choices. Would it be a good idea for you to select the one that cleans the tartar? To choose one that contains Fluoride? Both? Also, remember to consider whitening toothpastes or natural formulas. With regards to picking the best…
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  • Zhongshan Domy Chemical Co., Ltd. New Industrial Zone

    The foundation laying ceremony of the new industrial park was solemnly held at golden day and golden hour!The ceremony was officially launched at 10:15 a.m. on September 22Today is a sunny day, with guests gathering, gongs and drums blazing, dragons and lions dancing, and guns firing in unison, more than…
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  • Charcoal Toothpaste | 6 Reasons to Switch to Natural Toothpaste

    Most of us use toothpaste because it tastes good, it is cheap and, frankly, we are terrified of decayed teeth if we throw away the stuff. But since we brush our teeth up to 1,000 times a year, shouldn't we take a closer look at the products we use? It…
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  • 2020 South China International Dental Exhibition ended successfully

    South China International Dental Exhibition was started in March 1995. Since its establishment 24 years ago, the exhibition has been highly recognized and unanimously praised in the industry. It is recognized as a grand oral event with the characteristics of grand scale, remarkable scale, and service-oriented. South China International Dental…
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