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Our company was transferred from Yongnan chemical factory to Domy Chemical Co., Ltd., which produced China’s first fluorine-containing toothpaste in 1999. With the lead of CEO Mr. Yang Zhiquan, our personal care products business is growing stronger, and gradually extends to plastic products, industrial tourism, health care, entertainment culture, until now it has developed into a diversified cross-industry group.

Our company is specialized in professional cosmetic personal care products, which has accumulated eighteen years experience, now we become one of the leaders of the domestic oral care products processing industry.

Domy’s manufacturing base is located in Maohui Industrial Zone, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City. Covering an area of more than 30 acres with a construction area of more than 40,000 square meters, and more than 400 employees. The company work-shop is one hundred thousand fully enclosed structure GMP clean room assembly, overall comprehensive reference system the World Health Organization(WHO) and the US Federal specification cleanroom standards, and by the Halal(Halal), GMPC and ISO22716 international management system certification. At present, the manufacturing center has a total of 12 production lines, 12 vacuum paste machines, of which 6 sets 700#, 2 sets 1300#, 4 sets 1500#. It has 6 sets of Gelling equipment, 12 auto filling and packaging lines. Besides, it also has a small size, special-shaped size, pump equipment for toothpaste production total 20 sets. Domy’s toothpaste annual output is 20,000 tons. Single item output is more than 200 million annually. Washing workshop has eight production lines, of which 6 sets prepared pan, 3 sets of 400ml_750ml filling machine and a body moisturizer production line with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons.

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