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  • Macaroon Spray Oral
    Article Calmar & Care Macaroon Oral Spray Specification Romantic Sakura/ Summer Grapefruit/ Double Mints Net weight 105g Flavor Sakura/ Grapefruit/ Double Mints Exp. Data 3 anys Estàndard executiu GB / T 8372 qualified Direction Spray this product directly on the oral cavity to keep your breath fresh, spray 1-2 times each time.…
  • Soothe & Care Mousse Mouthwash
    Article Calmar & Care Mousse Mouthwash Specification Enzyme Bamboo Charcoal/ Cannabis Sativa Net weight 60ml Flavor Peach leaf mint/ Tobacco & Cannabis Satica Exp. Data 3 years Executive standard QB/T 2945-2012 qualified Direction ● Mouthwashing method: Press an appropriate amount of cleansing mousse in your mouth and mix with a…
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