Soothe & Care Funny Kids Toothpaste
Soothe & Care Funny Kids Toothpaste
Calma & Pasta de dentes Care Funny Kids

Funny kids dental transitional period toothpaste could protect children’s new tooth. This toothpaste was made by fluorine-free formula, which is okay for children to swallowing. Using IGY Muramidase against tooth decay.

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Elemento Funny kids dental transitional period toothpaste
Peso neto 50g
Sabor Strawberry / Grape
Age 6-12
Effect Protecting new teeth, freshening the breath
Exp. Data 3 anos
Norma executiva GB / T 8372 cualificado
Cosmetics production license No. XK-20160408.
Dirección Use Soothe&care Funny kids toothpaste twice a day or follow the doctors’ suggestion, benefit to our oral health. Brush teeth day and night, gargle after dinner, benefit to our health.
Cautions It is recommended that children aged six and below should use a pea-sized toothpaste and brush their teeth under adult supervision to reduce swallowing.
Lugar de orixe Guangdong, China
Envases & Entrega Cartón: 48 p / cartón ou 72 páx / cartón; 12p un paquete
Supply Ability: 500000 pieces per day * 30 days
Porto: Porto de Zhongshan / porto de Xiaolan
Enderezo Non. 2 Estrada Yihui, Zona industrial de Maohui, Cidade de Henglan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

During the newborn and growth of children’s teeth, it is recommended to use toothpaste containing probiotics to balance the number of oral colonies and protect the health of new teeth.

1. Special for dental transitional period.
2. Protect the New Tooth.
3. IGY Muramidase against tooth decay.
4. Non-fluorie.
5. Two different flavors.

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