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sensodyne toothpaste

  • Soothe & Care Macaroon Toothpaste

    Item Soothe & Care Macaroon Toothpaste Effects Whitening teeth, refreshing breath Net weight 105g Flavor Double Mints/ Morning Iced Lotus/ Japanese Mocha/ Sakura/ Coconut/ Grapefruit Exp. Date 3 years Executive standard GB/T 8372 qualified Direction Use Soothe & care Macaroon Fragrance Series Toothpaste twice a day or follow the doctors’…
  • Soothe & Care Amino Acid & Charcoal Toothpaste

    Bamboo charcoal small black tube series toothpaste: break the traditional black paste, add baking sode and other ingredient which can be efficient to keep the oral health to the extracted activated carbon component, add baking soda and other ingredients which can whiten the teeth, freshen the breath and protect the…
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