Enzyme Charcoal Spray
Enzyme Charcoal Spray
Enzyme Charcoal Spray
Enzyme Charcoal Spray

Soothe&care Macaroon Oral Spray starts the journey of oral freshness, blurted out with confidence, three flavors replacement. This Oral Spray contains natural ingredients which can be swallowable. 15mL package can be easy to carry. Our company has experience over 30 years in oral care products’ R&D.

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Item: Soothe&care Enzyme Charcoal Spray
Specification Mints
Net weight: 8ml
Flavor: Mints
Exp. Date: 3 years
Executive standard: GB/T 8372 qualified
Direction: Spray this product directly on the oral cavity to keep your breath fresh, spray 1-2 times each time.
Place of origin : Guangdong
Packaging & Delivery: Carton: 48 p/ carton or 72 p / carton; 12p a pack

Port: Zhongshan port/ Xiaolan port

Service OEM/ODM
Address: No. 2 Yihui Road, Maohui Industrial Zone, Henglan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China


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