Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste
Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste
Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste
Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste

Soothe & Care Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste contains anti-sensitivity active ingredients, strontium carbonate and potassium nitrate, which goes deep into the teeth to desensitize the nerve.

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In 2018, the “balanced anti-sensitive” toothpaste has upgraded anti-allergenic functions. The first triple-balanced formula was developed; A series of oral care products for “stained whitening” and nourishing whitening was made to meet with people’s different needs.

Item Soothe & Care Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste
Net weight 100g
Flavor Fresh tea / Fresh cinnamon
Exp. Date 3 years
Executive standard QB/T 2966 qualified
Cosmetics production license No. XK-20160408.
Direction Use Soothe & Care Pro-Sensitive toothpaste twice a day or follow the doctors’ suggestion, benefit to our oral health. Brush teeth morning and evening and after dinner, benefit to our own health.
Place of origin Guangdong
Packaging & Delivery Carton: 48 p/ carton or 72 p / carton; 12p a pack
Port: Zhongshan port / Xiaolan port
Address No. 2 Yihui Road, Maohui Industrial Zone, Henglan Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

Soothe & Care PRO sensitive toothpaste, lit selects three kinds of anti-sensitive components, which can be used to protect the I sensitive parts of the teeth. Work together to I relieve tooth sensitive symptoms from the source,form acid protective layer, improve the gums and the teeth health. Containing Soft silica make teeth recover whitening.

1. Chinese and western anti-sensitive ingredient.
2. Calcium sensitive protection.
3. Sensitive relief ingredients.
4. Whitening teeth.

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