When you are going to buy toothpaste, you will have a lot of choices. Would it be a good idea for you to select the one that cleans the tartar? To choose one that contains Fluoride? Both? Also, remember to consider whitening toothpastes or natural formulas.

With regards to picking the best toothpaste for you, it's imperative to consider your private oral needs.

DOMY: Professional Toothpaste Manufacturer

DOMY CHEMICAL CO.,LTD, the company focusing on cosmetic personal care products, which has collected eighteen years experience, presently we become one of the heads of the homegrown oral consideration products preparing industry.

We produced China’s first fluorine-containing toothpaste in 1999.

A Good Toothpaste, A Whiter Smile

We only produce effective and healthy toothpastes:

  • Soothe & Care Pro-Healthy toothpaste contains herbal ingredient to freshen breathe.
  • containing hemostatic acid components, it will enter among teeth and along gum line for a deepclean
  • To eliminate more plaque in difficult to arrive at places than a customary toothpaste

Gum Health Can Greatly Affect Our Quality of Life

Unhealthy gums will lead to periodontal disease. The first and proceeding with indication of periodontal illness is bleeding gums, with it comes bad breath and gingival recession. It could be too late to prevent tooth loss whenever periodontitis is formed.

Periodontitis has been accounted for to be related with various fundamental sicknesses, in spite of the fact that it is right now hazy whether it can really cause them. Periodontal irritation may bargain the obstruction work at the gingivae, prompting infiltration of bacteria into the systemic circulation, this often influences our health.

Healthy gum care series toothpaste produced by DOMY is the best choice to protect your gingival.

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