There are many mouthwashes are available for selection, so sorting out which is best for you may be a little difficult.

DOMY focus on research and development of mouthwash for dental health. We studied specific functions, such as active and inactive composition, and taste, etc.

How to choose a mouthwash?

There are two kinds of mouthwashes: cosmetic and therapeutic.

Cosmetic mouthwashes can control halitosis to a certain extent and leave fresh breath in your mouth.

Therapeutic mouthwashes contain ingredients that keep long-lasting bacterial reduction and can be used for symptoms, such as receding gums, gingivitis, dry mouth, and plaque buildup.

What do you need your mouthwash for?

While picking a mouthwash, the most important thing is your own oral health objectives.

  • Awful breath

In the event that your principle concern is awful breath, utilizing a corrective mouthwash in a hurry during the day might be adequate for expanding your certainty during that significant evening time meeting.

  • Dry mouth

In case you're taking meds or have a condition that produces dry mouth as a result, utilizing a mouthwash intended to give oral solace to numerous hours all at once might be your smartest option.

  • Plaque or gum issues

Different conditions, for example, plaque development, retreating gums, and gum disease can be tended to by picking mouthwashes containing fluoride, or those with other dynamic fixings that battle microbes.

DOMY CHEMICAL CO.,LTD, has experience over 30 years in oral care products’ R&D, we specialize in the production of mouthwash. Trust us, A bottle of mousse mouthwash is more effective than toothpaste plus mouthwash plus chewing gum.

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