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  • Soothe & Care Enzyme Charcoal Toothpaste
    Bamboo charcoal small black tube series toothpaste: break the traditional black paste, add enzyme to the extracted activated carbon component, which can effectively whiten the teeth and protect the periodontal. Won the award of 2019 MEIYI for Best Oral Care in Personal Care. Item Enzyme Charcoal Toothpaste Net weight 180g…
  • Enzyme Charcoal Spray
        banyo topu: banyo topu&care Enzyme Charcoal Spray Specification Mints Net weight: 8ml Flavor: Mints Exp. banyo topu: 3 banyo topu: banyo topu 8372 qualified Direction: Spray this product directly on the oral cavity to keep your breath fresh, spray 1-2 times each time. Place of origin : Guangdong Packaging & Delivery: Carton:
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