Can the mouthwash replace the toothpaste? What is the correct method of using mousse mouthewash?

Mouthwash is a kind of oral care product that many people like to use, especially when tooth brushing is not convenient. Washing your mouth with mouthwash can not only clean your mouth but also make your breath fresher. But the idea that replacing tooth brushing with mouthwash is wrong, tooth brushing and mouthwash are two necessary procedures for cleaning your mouth, and they can't substitute each other.

Three necessary procedures to effectively clean your mouth

Actually, neither mouthwash nor dental floss can replace the mouthwash. Tooth brushing, mouthwash, and dental floss are three necessary procedures to clean your mouth totally. Toothbrushing is the most basic oral care, but it can only remove a part of dental plaque, not totally. And toothbrush is not convenient to clean the teeth and their adjacent surface, and after brushing, there will still be numerous bacteria in the gingival groove and between the teeth. Therefore, we need to remove the food debris and bacterias between teeth and the deep mouth cavity through mouthwash and floss after toothbrushing and clean our mouth thoroughly.

Meanwhile, the mouthwash is a liquid texture, and it can clean the deeper dead zone of the mouth than the floss and reach the effect of no friction and soft cleaning your mouth.

Toothbrushing, floss, and mouthwash all have their own advantages, and these three are necessary to clean your oral cavity entirely.

The correct method of using mousse mouthwash

The mousse mouthwash is a new type of product for cleaning your mouth. Compared to the traditional liquid mouthwash, it is lighter and more portable, and the shape squeezed out is foamy. The mousse mouthwash is made of charcoal ingredients, and the enzyme in it can reduce teeth stains and restore the true color of teeth. And the charcoal mouthwash possesses functions of both toothpaste and liquid mouthwash, which gets deeply adored by many businessmen. And the use method of whitening mouthwash is different from the traditional mouthwash.

Mouthwash method: Press the appropriate amount of mousse in your mouth, add some pure water and make the mousse fluid in your mouth. After about 15 seconds, spit it out to make your breath fresher.

Toothbrushing method: Press the appropriate amount of mousse on the toothbrush and lightly rinse your teeth and the coated tongue for 2-3 minutes, clean, fresh, and cool.

Compared to the traditional toothpaste, the advantages of mousse mouthwash

1. Better cleaning power

With no necessity of plane cleaning, you only lightly press, the bubble will be full of the whole mouth, 360° deep cleaning your teeth and penetrating the whole mouth to clean up.

The traditional toothpaste with a pasty fluid shape can not satisfy the requirement of teeth, which causes bacterias to hide deeply between teeth.

2. Soft with small stimulation

It does not harm teeth and gums and generates more than one trillion foam molecules every time you brush your teeth, intensity caring your oral cavity with softer foam.

3. Whitening your teeth

With active ingredients, it effectively cleans the pigmentation in your mouth. Sticking to use can improve many various problems, such as yellow teeth, tooth decay, smoking teeth, dental plaque, עטק.

4. Prevention and improvement of allergic teeth

The toothbrush can not cause damage to enamel when using foamy mouthwash. However, the nanoparticle can recover the mild damage to the enamel and remove the phenomenon of allergic teeth for a short time.

5. Postoperative care

Some people who have undergone the straightening of teeth can not brush their teeth with a toothbrush. Then, they need more oral care, carrying it with themself and convenient to care for their mouth at any time.

6. Improvement of bleeding gums

Much foam can effectively clean the food residue. Without going through damage and stimulation caused by the toothbrush to gum and teeth, good foamy toothpaste is added to natural sterilization anti-inflammatory ingredients with antisepsis and anti-inflammation, and it can effectively improve problems, such as halitosis, bleeding gums, dental ulcers, עטק.


With the rapid pace of people's lives, mouthwash may not replace the toothbrush, but it is expected that mousse mouthwash will substitute traditional toothpaste and mouthwash someday. The convenient portable mouthwash has gradually corresponded to people's tastes.


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